Case Study: Health Care Trade Show Marketing

Client: Phone Screen

Health Care Trade Show Marketing

Objective: Raise visibility of inbound call screening center supporting patient recruitment for clinical trials

Strategy: We targeted one of the largest gatherings in the pharmaceutical industry: the Drug Information Association annual meeting. Messaging focused on the high cost and long timelines of patient recruitment as key factors in the amount of time required to bring a new drug to market. Teamed with an advertising agency, a call center with operators and technology specially created for patient recruitment would both shorten the timeline and reduce costs.

At DIA, a meeting attended by many thousands of professionals, the challenge was to get a few minutes of undivided attention at our booth. With “Cut Your Recruitment Costs” as a backdrop to our booth, we armed our reps with a pair of scissors and sheets of uncut $2 bills purchased from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, inviting passersby to cut a bill from the sheet.

Results: Few people have ever cut their own money. As each visitor to the booth was carefully cutting the bill, the rep had a solid 30 seconds of time during which to get the “Cut Your Recruitment Costs” message across. The result was greatly increased awareness of the Phone Screen service and commensurate increase in leads for the sales reps. The following year, dozens of guests sought out our booth to get another $2 bill and tell of their positive experiences using Phone Screen in their trials.