Case Study: Traffic Safety

Client: American Automobile Association (Chicago Motor Club)

Objective: Reduce winter-related injuries and deaths by improving public awareness of safe winter behavior and proper winter driving techniques.

Strategy: Winter is big news in Chicago. AAA was not the only organization seeking publicity for a winter-related message. The AAA-Chicago Motor Club, created a public-private partnership called “Illinois Ice Pack” with the American Red Cross, Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Transportation and the National Weather Service. Using a state police aircraft, our main spokesmen did a fly-around to several media markets across the state in a single day. At the same time, local AAA and Red Cross offices held news conferences in their communities.

Results: Reception by the news media was excellent, as our Ice Pack coalition provided one-stop shopping for important messages, both on the day of the news conferences and through the winter. The program won awards from the Publicity Club of Chicago and the Public Relations Society of America (Chicago chapter).