Who We Are

We’re Friedmann and Lehrer.

We’re health care people. We’re association professionals. Resourceful. Team-oriented.

We serve as an extension of our clients’ staff. Comfortable with all levels of the organization, we work effectively with senior management, communications colleagues, elected leadership and member committees.

We’re health care professionals.

We’re well-attuned to the needs and nuances of health care, medical societies and other nonprofit associations.

On the air.

We’re former radio guys who transitioned into public relations. We’re flexible. Creative. We live by deadlines. Trained at gathering information and presenting technical concepts with humanity and precision.

Telling stories.

We know how to tell a story. Your story.

We shape the story, wordsmith it and package it, in 140-character bursts, detailed white papers or radio press releases.

How can we help you?